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Fairtade Fortnight 2014

This year we are looking to promote the Fairtrade banana in our country.

They're the most popular and most traded fruit in the world. In the UK alone we chomp our way through over 5,000,000,000a year – that's 5 BILLION. A quarter of these bananas sold are Fairtrade. In 2012 we spent over £550 Million on our favourite fruit.

It is the 4th most important food crop in global agriculture after rice, wheat and maize; but many banana farmers and workers have seen their earnings cut in real terms. Why?

We, the customers, want to keep the prices low. Supermarkets want to offer the cheapest possible bananas! Obvious really but are we truly thinking of the whole problem or just ours?
Can we really not afford to pay the proper price for a banana when the producer, the grower, is suffering?


We are hosting a Conference this year at the Academy to help promote within the Sleaford school community, encouraging 3 local primary schools to become Fairtrade Schools. We are holding a competition and a joint Year 7 & 8 assembly within the Academy and also reaching out into our Town by helping out with refreshments at St Denys' Church on their 10am Service on 2 March.

 What could you do?

Sign the PetitionStick with Foncho to make Bananas Fair

Thank you!!

 Find out more about a banana?

Why should we all go further?

Small farmers often struggle to provide for themselves and their families and they’re hit hardest in uncertain times.

Fairtrade provides them with the security of knowing they’ll receive a fair price for their crop and the long term stability that comes from having a better relationship with their buyer.

What does going further mean?

If you already buy Fairtrade tea then how about putting Fairtrade sugar in your cup with it?

Or if you’ve swapped your bananas to Fairtrade then how about now exchanging your nuts too?

Going further really can mean doing something as simple as seeking out new Fairtrade products to support the millions of farmers and workers who urgently need a better deal from trade.

Or if you and your friends are up for a challenge we’ll be unveiling fun and creative ways to get even more involved here soon.