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Fairtrade Fortnight

Over Fairtrade fortnight there are many activities across St George's Academy to raise awareness, all of which involves participation from students from the entire spectrum of year groups.

The following is some information about Fairtade:

These seeds, which look like lanterns, are in fact cocoa pods. They are the fruit which gives us chocolate. Whether you eat it or drink it, many love the taste but are we willing to pay for it?

What goes into the making of chocolate and why should we pay so much?

We want to highlight to pupils this year through a number of films and an Assembly to Yr 7/8s that it may cost a little more, but the benefits of that extra cost will be experienced by many.

From the cutting of the pods here:

To the extracting of the actual seeds here:

To the drying out process

To the grinding of the seeds

To the fine cocoa powder (you can smell it as well I think!)

That is going to cost a lot. So when we are out looking for a bargain next time, have another think.

Can I spare some cash for a decent chocolate bar, hot chocolate drink and ensure that those who produce it can be given a decent standard of living?

So what of these costs?
If we buy a 200gram chocolate bar how much would each person in the chocolate bar production get?

Sugar The Cooperative who produce the sugar £0.04
Transport, Customs, Import Duties and Insurance Various Agencies £0.06
Cocoa Cocoa Producer £0.06
Transport to harbour and operating costs Cocoa Cooperative £0.02
Tax Host Government £0.04
Ocean Freight Transportation Forms £0.35
Packaging Made into bars with attractive labels £0.21
Actual Cost   £0.78
Customer Price   £1.61

Wow, that's quite a price increase from actual cost to consumer price. Where could we cut the costs?

It's difficult to cut down on transportation costs, and the Government Tax, and we do like the labelling, and the VAT is out of the question so other than the profit margins let's ask if the producers will cut their costs? Would you?