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At St George’s Academy we attach great importance to our role within the wider world, and we are committed to supporting, using and promoting Fairtrade products as a tangible way of demonstrating our global perspective.

1. Steering Group

A Fairtrade Steering Group has been set up to implement the Fairtrade policy. This group will meet a minimum of once per term to continuously monitor and improve the Academy’s support for Fairtrade.

2. Sale of Fairtrade Products

The Academy will itself sell and will work to promote as many Fairtrade products as is feasible in all areas of the life of the Academy. Where it is not currently feasible (for reasons of price, product availability or contractual obligations) for Fairtrade products to be sold, the Academy is committed to ensuring this happens as soon as it becomes feasible.

3. Purchasing

  • Hospitality

The Academy will serve Fairtrade beverages (e.g. tea and coffee) at all internal meetings and hospitality events (e.g. open days), with a commitment to increasing the use of Fairtrade products as it becomes possible to do so.

  • Other

The Academy also aspires to increase the use of Fairtrade products in Food Technology lessons.

4. Promotion

The Academy will promote the sale of Fairtrade goods via the following methods:

  • The Academy Steering Group will endeavour to ensure that we are proactive in our approach to promoting Fairtrade.
  • Fairtrade promotional materials will be displayed on Academy notice boards and in all places where Fairtrade products are sold.
  • Articles and other appropriate material about Fairtrade will be published in the Academy newsletters, on the Academy internal presentation screen, on the Academy website and in other appropriate publications, such as the Academy prospectus.
  • A series of promotional events will be run during Fairtrade fortnight in February/March. The Academy Steering Group is responsible for organising these events, which will be promoted across the Academy (in appropriate publications, on the website, on the staff portal etc).
  • The Academy will invite a Fairtrade organisation to display a stand in association with lessons that focus upon Fairtrade issues.

5. Education

It is recognised by the Academy that there is an important educational as well as an ethical justification for supporting and promoting Fairtrade at the Academy. Recognising the fact that we advocate a global perspective and sustainability within the curriculum it is important that the Academy supports sustainable development when it conducts its business.

6. Staff and Student Support

Details of this policy will be communicated throughout the Academy and all members of the Academy will be actively encouraged to support Fairtrade.

7. Review

The policy statement will be reviewed on an annual basis.