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The Innovation Centre

St. George‚Äôs Academy has built an Innovation Centre to offer a range of high quality experiences to our students, using the latest technologies to go beyond the standard classroom experience. Fully trained technicians are available to offer on-demand training to ensure that the students get the most out of the equipment allowing their creativity to flow. The equipment is also used to form part of a range of extracurricular activities.  

So what you will find:

Virtual Driving Academy

We can offer everything from a simulated test to experiencing a vast range of hazardous scenarios. The simulator is not restricted by age and allows students to learn how to drive in the safest environment possible.

For more in-depth information you can look here.

3D Cinema

Experience a new way of learning as objects are brought to life as they are projected into the centre of the room.

TV Studio

Using state of the art, green screen technology, pupils can be virtually transported to anywhere in the world (or even out of this world should they so desire).

Photography Studio

Everything you would need from professional lighting to the latest in digital SLR cameras to create stunning images.

Radio Station

Students are offered the chance to operate a professional studio desk whether this is to create podcasts, hone interview techniques or create their own radio show.

Video Conferencing

Talk to people from anywhere around the world via live video chat.


A surprisingly fun experience where pupils learn relaxation techniques. Always very useful with exams coming up.