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Onatti Theatre Entertain Academy

The Onatti Theatre Company visited St George’s and put on two performances of their play “Mes Chers Voisins”, one at the Ruskington campus and one at Sleaford. Students from Years 7 to 11 thoroughly enjoyed the show as we all laughed along with the story of five French teenagers living on the same street. Here are some reviews from audience members:

"I enjoyed the play a lot. It had a funny plot line, and was very comedic. It also included the audience with volunteers, which had the audience doing funny things, which also helped the plot progress. Whilst some words were hard to understand, it wasn't too hard to grasp, and had an interesting plot the whole way through. It was very entertaining.", Jason

"The French play was fun and interesting with engaging characters and a good focus on comedy, for the audience’s age range. All 5 or so characters were played by 2 actors, who portrayed the characters perfectly. The jokes were funny and gave me a good laugh, while not being too over the top, and the addition of some of the audience members was a nice touch. The entire piece was quite easy to understand, despite the fact that I have never been great at French. In general, it was a fun, engaging experience!", Emmet

"I really enjoyed the French play (c’est fantastique!). I was on the second row so I could get a clear view of what was happening in the play. I thought the interaction with the audience was very funny and entertaining. They were very enthusiastic and included actions, which was very helpful if you struggled to understand parts of the French. I recommend watching the play.", Carley and Kitty

"The French play was very funny. I enjoyed it a lot. I could understand some words, but they were enough to help me understand most of the play. They involved loads of people from the audience, and their acting was enough to keep me entertained. It was very enjoyable as I was laughing at most of it. I really enjoyed it.", Sophie

"I really enjoyed the French. I thought it was very interesting and relatable. It was about teenage life/friendships. I liked how enthusiastic, genuine and funny they were and how they involved the audience and didn’t just use the stage.",  Freya

"There was a French play held in the canteen hall. It was a very good play and the characters were so funny also the actors that played the characters were funny to. The story lines were really good.  It was a very good play to watch and a very good opportunity to hear French spoken from different people than our teachers. It was good as they emphasised their actions and you could tell what they were saying by the scenes they portrayed. Although it was a two-person show we think they pulled it off.  We thought they did well as there were many lines to memorise. They were amazing. We absolutely loved it, and would like to see another one again.", Evie and Izzy

"I think the French play was amazing. I was on the front row so had a clear view on all the action throughout. There communication with the audience was phenomenal and was hilarious to see my classmates humiliated before my eyes. It was easy to understand through their unique emotion changes, expressions with many props such as the Justin Bieber cut out, and my friend who had to have himself dressed as Justin Bieber leaving the whole room in fits of laughter. It was all relatable and the actors were some of the best I’ve seen!",  Lauren

"I really enjoyed the French play and how they included other people and it was really funny. I was sat on the front row so I had a clear view throughout the play and saw how they used all the props they had very well. Although I couldn’t understand what they were saying it was shown through what they were doing.", Ellie

"I watched a French Play by The Onatti Theatre Company. The play, called Mes Chers Voisins, was about five different teenagers. Whilst all five characters are played by two people (yes, it is a two- man show) they were very capable in making sure all the characters seemed different and unique. The beginning was introduced by the two actors rushing out and saying, ‘hello’ to the audience, then going back in. They then came out and began the play properly, starting off with two of the characters; Sam and Marion. I won’t mention any more about that, as I don’t want to spoil the entire thing for everyone. The play is continuously changing from scene to scene, with good character creation. I found it very enjoyable, and laughed lots. My favourite parts was when I saw a croissant, and a baguette, as well as when my friend Harvey got called up and pretended to be Justin Bieber (who was great!!!!).Overall it was a great play for all ages, and I would definitely try to watch it if you get the chance.", Ellis

"The French play was very intriguing as it engaged every one including members of the audience as they would pick them out and make them be part of the play. It also was funny as it all was in French and was played by only two actors. Although you could tell it was two actors they portrayed every character differently, I would rate it very high as it was very entertaining.", George

"This morning when we entered to watched the French play I was extremely excited to watch the play and as soon as it started I knew we were in for a treat . My favourite part was when they asked people to come on stage and they had to try to speak French with each other and I found it hilarious.", Ranya    

french play 2018 french play 2018 french play 2018