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Download a copy of our Prospectus (PDF) Download a copy of the Sixth Form Prospectus (PDF)

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National Careers Service

What's it all about?

Most people spend over 40 years working for a living. Some work until they drop. Imagine how it must feel to spend the whole time doing something that you dislike or even hate! That's where careers work come in. Good careers Education and Guidance can give young people a flying start by helping them to get the basic knowledge and skills they need to begin navigating their way successfully through career choices and changes.

The Main Aims

The Careers Centre has three main aims:

  • Self Development - To help young people understand themselves and influences on them, build a track record of their experiences and achievements and develop their capabilities.
  • Career Exploration - To help young people identify, investigate and weigh up opportunities in learning and work.
  • Career Management - To help young people make and adjust plans to manage career choices, changes and transitions.

The Careers Centre 

This is a place that helps students to gather the information they need, we have arranged visits for all Year Groups (7 through to 13) to make use of our comprehensive Careers Centre and all it has to offer. The resources are expanding constantly, with new books, magazines and computer programs arriving each month. All students are encouraged to use The Careers Centre at break and lunchtime, in order to research Careers and become better Career Planners. Mrs Neate and Miss Jarvis are always happy to point people in the right direction, especially if you are a year 11 student wanting details about Sixth Form, Apprenticeships or Colleges.

"I don't know what I want to do when I leave school."

Sounds familiar? Well help is at hand in the Careers Centre. A number of ICT packages are available in the Careers Centre which can help.

"I haven't got a clue about jobs."

Kudos asks you questions and then in return suggests careers that might suit your responses. (Many students will have used this already, if you have, try it again this year to see if your answers have changed). For older students we have Careerscape that accesses the internet for expanded information.

"How do I find out about a career to do with????????"

Careers 2017 provides up to date information about virtually every career, and has been used extensively by many students in their visits to the Careers Centre. You can find lots of information including pathways to that career, qualifications needed, pay etc.

"I want a site that will help me to sort everything!"

Are you 14-19? If so, GOV.UK can offer you all the information and advice you need to make the decisions and choices in your life.