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Work Experience

More and more opportunities are being investigated for Work Related Learning in all areas of the curriculum. One of these opportunities that we already offer is Work Experience

Sleaford is a small town, with a limited number of work placement opportunities. It is becoming difficult to find enough placements for the large number of Year 10 students that are at St George's. Therefore all of Year 10 should start to think about whether they are able to arrange a 'self-placement'.

Here are a few tips on how to get a 'Self-Placement':

  1. Ask family, friends or neighbours if their place of work may be willing to offer you a place for two weeks next Summer.
  2. Try to find placements outside of Sleaford - ask family or friends if they can help out with transport.
  3. Ensure an adult approaches the company to ask, and that they know the person concerned.
  4. You must not pick a company from the phone book and 'cold call' them - they are very busy and get upset when numerous people telephone them asking for a place, when they have already offered one to St. George's.

The feedback from previous Year 10 students is that it is much better to sort out your placement at an early stage rather than leave it until last minute. However, please do NOT contact Primary Schools, Nursery Schools or Pre-schools in or around the Sleaford area. These placements are reserved for students taking Health and Social Care who must have a placement in these areas to be able to pass their course.

If you have any questions about the Work Experience process please email us at or call 01529 301177.

Miss Jarvis
Careers Officer

Find out what Placements are available for Work Experience - view the Careers Safety for Schools Database. For login details please speak to Miss Jarvis or Mrs Neate


Safety for Schools Database


It is easy to lose forms so we have uploaded the "Self Placement Form" and the 4 Choices Form" for Work Experience in the event that a student loses their copy. All the forms are in a PDF format so they can be downloaded and printed easily.


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4 Choices Form

Self Placement Form

4 Choices Form

Self Placement Form