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Black Lives Matter

Dealing with Racism at School
For Parents and Guardians

One of the most difficult experiences for parents/guardians with school age children is dealing with racism and/or bullying at school. It is very upsetting for the child and the parents.
What you want to achieve is a positive quick response from the school so that your child is allowed to enjoy their learning experience free from racist behaviour and/or bullying.


  • If it’s an on-going issue try and keep a diary about how your child felt. Where possible use your child’s own words.
  • Try and take a friend (or interpreter if needed) with you to help keep a focus, support and understanding.
  • The role of the other person should be to act as an observer, to take notes, or to help you clarify points.
  • Remember it is the school’s responsibility to find a solution for the behaviour of the other child - not you.
  • Focus on your child’s needs and not the other child’s issues.
  • There may be two sides to the story, but focus on the impact on your child. Remember your child’s ‘perception’ of what has happened is equal to other ‘perceptions’ of what has occurred.
  • Ask to see a copy of the schools bullying and race equality policies.
  • At the end of the meeting there should be a decision in place (i.e. the next steps, an agreement on a further meeting, a solution or resolution).
  • If the meeting has met your expectations, ask for a review meeting in three to four weeks' time.
  • If the meeting has not met your expectations ask the Teacher to clarify the complaints process.

For more support contact:
Ethnic Minority and Traveller Education Team
Lincolnshire County Council
01427 787190

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