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Futures - Year 9

In Year 9 pupils start to explore:

  • Introduction to Higher Education

Year 9 also have access to Unifrog and you can have a go at the following:

Interests Profile – this is to gauge a bit about you and what you do and don’t like. For further details and to take you to the instructions on what to do click here.

Personality Profile – this is a personality test. Answer the questions as honestly as you can from the mulitiple choice selection.  For further information about Personality Profiles and Instructions on what to do click here.

NB: If you have already completed these you can do them again at any time, you can also push the results to your locker and see how you change over the years.

Subjects Library – here you can enter the subjects that you like or would like to take and it will suggest what careers these could lead to. For further information on the subjects library and instructions on what to do click here.

Careers Library – here you can enter the type of career you would like and it will give you more detailed information about that career and the subjects you need to take, the qualifications you need to get such a job etc. For further information on the Careers Library and instructions on what to do click here.

Alternatively you can log straight into and take a look for yourselves. You will continue to use Unifrog throughout your time in school so that by the time you reach Year 11 and Sixth form you will have a good knowledge and able to use it to the best of your ability.

Also you should now be recording any Activities and Competencies that will help towards your future and that you have achieved during your time at school.

You may have joined the Cadets, Scouts, doing your Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award, Music grades, Dance grades etc, all of these will add up by the time you get to 6th form or college and therefore you can start recording some Activities and Competencies of things you have achieved during your school years and now is a great time to start recording these to help in the future when writing a CV or Personal Statement for University. Unifrog has a locker facility aswell where you can upload items such as certificates, prize giving awards, sporting recognition and awards. All sorts of things. So start building your profile now by using these tools. For more information carry on reading below or you can check them out in the Know-How library in Unifrog itself.

Activities – Here you can record any of your achievements, part time jobs etc that may be relevant in the future. Below is an idea of what it will ask you for….

Competencies – here you want to record examples of you demonstrating each competency, see this section for more details. There are lots of different competencies that can be recorded

Locker – Here you can store certificates, good work, sporting achievements, prize giving etc Your teacher can also save things to your locker as well.

For further information or guidance please email

You can also check out these websites for further career platforms that can help you click here.