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Greenpower Racing

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St George's Academy currently run a Greenpower Racing club on ​Ruskington Campus where a number of students have the opportunity to build and race cars. 

The Greenpower team were featured on BBC's Newsround, where BBC sports reporter, Mike Bushell, travelled to the Academy's Ruskington Campus to find out more about Greenpower. Following is the Newsround feature which was aired nationally:

Tuesday 3rd July – Off to Anglesey we went, with high expectations and got off to a good start, with a 3rd place for Blaze, 6th place for Sirocco and 7th place for Mistral. Blaze was 4 miles ahead of 4th place and only beaten by the best team in competition. In race 2 we did a few minor tweaks, with Blaze gaining 3rd place again and an extra lap on top of the first race. Sirocco finished 4th and Mistral 5th. Overall it was a great event for us, where we also picked up ‘Best Presented Team’

Wednesday 11th July – The Rockingham Heat is always a huge event with all of the top teams turning up. Race 1 was a bit of a disaster. Both Blaze and Mistral had mechanical issues. Unfortunately Mistral was not reparable and is now sat in the workshop ready for repair. Blaze went very well for the first 70 minutes, clocking up 30.9 miles (21st) and a fastest lap of 2:51 around the 1.47 mile track, before it had movement on one of the rear axles. Sirocco trundled round as per usual, clocking up  32.3 miles and finishing 19th.

In Race 2 both cars went off well before a red flag 9 minutes in saw the race halted for 21 minutes before the restart. At which point this allowed us to drive Blaze with more aggression. On lap 12 Blaze put in a 2:28, just 1 second off the fastest lap of the day. It continued to run well, gaining 33.8 miles in a reduced 70 minute race. Quite impressive and 4th place to top it off. Sirocco finished 21st.  

September - First race of the season completed, and a fairly event free race day for the terrible twins (and I don’t mean Neve & Naomi).

 So the first race of the second half of the season sees us transfer our time and effort to the two new cars as Blaze is at a point of not improving. The first race of the day did see a little bit of drama in the opening 10 minutes with Sirocco having a run in with one of the top teams which resulted in a broken axle for them and a jumped chain for us (followed by a little spin). This resulting in a 27 minute break in proceedings while it was fixed. It did go back out on track to complete the 90 minute race and still achieve 25.8 miles and move from last to 21st position. Zephyr had a less eventful 90 minutes, although it did get involved in a 20 minute fight for 1st position. The result of which was inevitable against a car that has had the intervention of Siemens. A very respectful 2nd place and 40.8 miles on the clock, just 4 minutes 36 seconds behind the winner but more impressively 7 minutes ahead of 3rd place.

 Race 2 saw some very minor tweeks to the car, mainly taping up air holes for aerodynamics! The race saw a less frantic start than the previous one but did involve yet another spin out for Sirocco, who maybe having a name change to ‘Drift King’. This only resulted in a 2 minutes 30 seconds delay and time to play catch up. The race was then fairly tame and both cars were running well, and then it was time for Neve & Naomi to do the long stint at the end. At which point the battle of the day started, some 35 minutes of cat and mouse entailed with lap times going from 2 minutes 50 seconds to 2 minutes 30 seconds! Even other teams were stood with us watching the battle. Eventually a little gap appeared and the race ended with Sirocco in 5th place and 36.9 miles, while Zephyr gained another 2nd place and racked up 41.8 miles. In 10 years of Greenpower we have never achieved the goal of 40 miles and have now succeeded in that goal.

 A great day out and ready for next weekends race at the Top Gear test track!!

For more information about Greenpower, speak to Mr Mitchell, or visit the Greenpower website at