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Media Studies

Aims: Why Study Media?

Not only are we surrounded by media, but the variety of different platforms on which we interact with media is constantly evolving and expanding. It is now more usual to learn about major events online, or on our phones, than it is to read it in the newspaper. Studying media will encourage students to develop their analytical skills, to learn about how an audience is targeted by media producers, and to enhance their skills to encode meaning into their own texts. It is a growth area with all industries needing to develop an on-line presence if they are to engage fully with their customers.  This subject helps students to learn about the wide variety of methods used to represent people, events and issues.  Students will learn how a media product reflects the time it was produced in terms of historical and current contexts.

Course Content:

Learners will study a broad range of texts from television programmes to film marketing; from music videos to computer games; from newspapers to magazines and much more. These texts are set by the examining body to ensure that the subject is both interesting and rigorous.

Unit 1: Exploring Media (Exam 1hr 30mins)

Section A: Language and Representation

Magazine covers

Print advertisements

Newspaper front pages

Film posters

Section B: Industry and Audience



Video games

Film industry

Unit 2:  Media Form and Products (Exam 1hr 30mins)

Section A: Television


Crime drama

Section B: Music Video and online Media

Contemporary and Historic Music Video

Websites and social media

  Unit 3: Creating Media Product (Coursework Non-examined assessment 30%)


The qualification is examined by two exams which together are worth 70% of the GCSE. The exams assess knowledge of both set and unseen texts. The final 30% of the qualification is gained through a non-examined piece of creative work.

For further information, contact Mrs J Webster.