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Media Studies

Media Studies is a popular subject which aims to equip students with the skills they need to investigate the role the media plays in all our lives. At both GCSE and A Level, the course allows students to draw on their own experience of the media and to develop their ability to respond critically to a range of media products and industries. It allows students to investigate a wide variety of media, including digitally based technologies (such as computer games) as well as television, radio, the music industry, and print media products. Students are taught to use the key concepts of media studies to inform their analysis of texts, the industry and audience responses. 

The specification also encourages students to engage with, and develop their understanding of, the media through their own production work. Coursework is a popular and successful element of this course, forming 30% of the marks available. Students benefit from access to good quality technical equipment and professional software to enable them to produce high quality production work.  Students are given the opportunity to research a topic set by EDUQAS which will then form the basis for their production, thus encouraging them to create work that is informed by an understanding of contemporary media issues. This is an exciting and developing curriculum choice for students.