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Keep Your Child Safe Online

Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB), aims to help parents to keep their child safe when using the internet. Information sheets have been produced for parents, advising them of topical information regarding Internet Safety.

Year 7 Parents Alert:
We would  like to highlight that many of these social media chat sites, require users to be 13 or over
Whilst there are so many excellent ways in which social media can be used for educational purposes younger students may not have the understanding of just how dangerous some sites are. Our Life Skills programme aims to educate students of the positive uses of the internet as well as providing internet safety awareness but we do stress the importance of parental input.

Cyber-bullying can be a very upsetting experience for a student, often perpetrators have not thought through just how much impact words can have.

Please do look at typical sites and dangers below including recommended support (please click the logos to view the relevant pdf).

What is Pokemon Go?

What is Snapchat?

What is

Pokemon Go Snapchat Musically
What is Live Streaming? Privacy on Instagram What is TikTok?
Live Streaming Instagram TikTok


Staying Safe Online - Leaflet

Screen Time - Parent Fact Sheet

Screen Time - Young Peoples thoughts

Internet Matters Guide - Balancing Screen Time

How to Handle Sexting Incidents as a Parents

Parent Guide to Gambling

Parent Guide to Pursuasive Design

Parent Guide to House Party

There is a lot of information available online to educate parents in the importance of knowing that their children are keeping safe online. LSCB provide useful facts and tips which are available on the Lincolnshire County Council website.

Get Safe Online