Healthy & Respectful Relationships: Child on Child Abuse


All of our students are taught about the importance of healthy relationships during our extensive Life Skills programme. All staff have been fully trained to be aware of Child on Child abuse, in line with our policy (please see below).

At the start of each academic year, all students receive an assembly which outlines unacceptable behaviours and how to behave respectfully. As an academy, our aim is prevention and early intervention, where required.

Our Academy ethos is one of respect and tolerance and we encourage students to ‘Speak Out’. We have an anonymous phone line, which is heavily promoted within the academy, where students can report any incidents of peer on peer abuse. In addition to this, there is also a dedicated e-mail where incidents can be reported.

We work closely with the Stay Safe Partnership who come into school to educate our Y7 and Y9s about healthy and respectful relationships.

Speak Out
or call 01529 301191

Life Skills Programme

Child on Child Abuse Policy