Information for Parents & Guardians

In volunteering to join a uniformed and disciplined youth organisation, students adhere to a strict dress code and follow a military-themed programme.  They experience a wide variety of well organised, enjoyable and challenging activities in a safely-managed environment. 

As well as developing a strong sense of service to the community, the CCF helps to develop powers of leadership, promotes the qualities of responsibility, self-reliance, resourcefulness, resilience, endurance and perseverance. Recent research by the University of Northampton highlighted that: ‘The personal and social skills delivered by the CCF are highly valued by cadets, parents, schools, colleges, universities and employers’.            

The CCF is about more than just acquiring military skills.  Cadets have access to a wide range of opportunities not generally available to other students.  These include:

  • Practical leadership tasks which make high demands of resourcefulness, command and control and teamwork
  • Initiative exercises which require courage, determination and teamwork to complete
  • Adventure training which puts individuals in challenging situations
  • Visits to military units where the Cadets can see and try out high-tech equipment
  • Camps and expeditions where they are taken out of their comfort zone and their self-reliance is developed.

From the outset, cadets will have the opportunity to try many different activities and as they spend more time in the CCF, they will be encouraged to aim for promotion.

Promotion and achievement is merit based and does not come down to academic ability.  The cadets who excel are those who develop their teamwork, listening skills, self-discipline, organisation and commitment.

Those who prove themselves will achieve promotion through the ranks, allowing them to take on more responsibility and have more input into their section's activities.

Membership of the CCF (RAF) is exciting, rewarding and above all fun. Students discover skills they never knew they had, do things and visit places they never thought they would, and meet lots of like-minded people who will become team-mates and valued friends.


St George’s CCF is fortunate to have a core team of dedicated staff, together they have over 90 years Armed Services experience.  The staff work with the cadets and are responsible for the design and delivery of our CCF programme. 

If you have any questions, or would like further information about joining our CCF, please contact us through the CCF office on 01529 301166 or email