Why study Computer Science?

We study Computer Science to CTRL our Future!

  • In today’s world, most things rely on computers. The need for robotics and applications to complete tasks is increasing consistently, but they still need someone to program them.
  • Taking Computer Science provides students with the key skills required to create something outstanding and innovative.
  • Students will use logical thinking and problem solving skills to be able to apply key content to scenarios from the knowledge built up.
  • Students will also undertake a number of programming tasks and challenges to design and create programs that provide solutions to given problems. Testing and evaluating the programs created provides a reflective opportunity and chance to improve the efficiency of their programs.
  • The course provides excellent preparation for higher study and employment in the field of Computer Science.

  • PERSONALISED - Is tailored and relevant to the particular needs and interests of learners
  • INCLUSIVE - Is accessible to all learners
  • BALANCED - Ensures a broad fundamental base of knowledge, with a good balance of the theoretical, applied and creative for all
  • EFFECTIVE - Promotes depth of study and thought, along with mastery of the fundamentals
  • RICH - Provides clear opportunities for students to experience enrichment and foster a love of learning
  • COHERENT - Makes explicit the key concepts and key processes that underpin and connect learning within and across subjects
  • SEQUENTIAL - Makes explicit the way in which learning will be layered and will facilitate progress over time