Why study Construction?

In order to learn the skills and craft associated with creating the built environment!

  • Constructing the Built Environment offers a learning experience that focuses learning for 14-19 year olds through applied learning, i.e. acquiring and applying knowledge, skills and understanding through purposeful tasks set in sector or subject contexts that have many of the characteristics of real work.

  • PERSONALISED - Is tailored and relevant to the particular needs and interests of learners
  • INCLUSIVE - Is accessible to all learners
  • BALANCED - Ensures a broad fundamental base of knowledge, with a good balance of the theoretical, applied and creative for all
  • EFFECTIVE - Promotes depth of study and thought, along with mastery of the fundamentals
  • RICH - Provides clear opportunities for students to experience enrichment and foster a love of learning
  • COHERENT - Makes explicit the key concepts and key processes that underpin and connect learning within and across subjects
  • SEQUENTIAL - Makes explicit the way in which learning will be layered and will facilitate progress over time