Why study Design & Technology?

In order to shape the future by exploring a balance of technical knowledge with creative ability, whilst taking a practical approach to solving tomorrow's issues!

  • Committed to delivering worthy, compelling and exciting experiences.
  • To link different curriculum areas in order to develop transferable skills linking to employment.
  • Through imaginative teaching students gain skills, knowledge and understanding which are transferable and lead to success in future working lives.
  • By establishing a safe learning environment which is stimulating, imaginative and relaxed where students feel supported and secure, giving them the confidence to progress successfully.
  • Students learn about the social and ethical responsibilities of designers and practitioners and the importance of managing finite resources with care.
  • Leading to responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.
  • Students learn to work both independently and as part of a team. This gives students a good grounding for future employment.

  • PERSONALISED - A curriculum which offers the broadest possible range of opportunities for students
  • INCLUSIVE - All students learn through a wide range of means allowing them the opportunity to develop as individuals
  • BALANCED - Students combined designing & making skills with knowledge application & understanding, leading to increasingly high quality outcomes
  • EFFECTIVE - Students become self-motivated & confident learners. Skills & knowledge gained through learning in all areas of Design Technology lead to students being effective in securing FE & HE placed as well as employment
  • RICH - Topics covered within Design Technology & the practical nature of the content allow students to express themselves creatively & individually. Skills & knowledge become embedded for life
  • COHERENT - Students learn best through 'doing' which allows them to experiment & take risks. They become problem solvers who learn through making mistakes
  • SEQUENTIAL - Students learn to use a wide range of materials & investigate the properties & characteristics of each through design & make projects at KS3, providing an excellent base from which to lead on to more detailed & extensive studies at both KS3 & KS5