Why study Maths?

In order to become numerically agile, logical solvers of problems, including the spatial, analytical and abstract!

In a society where computers are used more and more, it is important that we prepare students to be able to do more than just calculations. We believe there are five skills that are distinctly human that we endeavour to embed within our curriculum:

  1. Number sense – approximation and estimation
  2. Representations - patterns, visual and algebraic representations
  3. Reasoning – enabling students to prove or disprove Imagination – encourage students to explore things we cannot do and accept the consequences.
  4. Questioning – encourage students to ask questions like where do things come from?


Our curriculum is designed to build upon prior knowledge, with clear recognition of starting points with an absolute focus on making strong progress from that point. Students are provided feedback at an individual level and opportunities for students to reflect upon their progress are built within the curriculum. This ensures that our curriculum is PERSONALISED to meet the particular needs of every student. A SEQUENTIAL approach helps to promote and facilitate progress across all disciplines. At the start of the unit, students undergo a benchmarker to assess students’ prior knowledge and inform planning. At the end of the unit, students undertake an end of topic assessment. All assessments are tracked and used to identify individual areas for development. This information is then utilised to inform intervention both within and outside of lessons. We have a COHERENT curriculum which provides students with opportunities to behave mathematically at all levels. The emphasis is on empowering students to notice, make connections, explain, justify, conjecture and prove. Our curriculum is designed using the mastery approach, where challenge is provided through depth rather than acceleration. This helps us to be EFFECTIVE in promoting the depth of study and thought, along with ensuring students have a grasp of the fundamentals. Our BALANCED curriculum provides students with skills required for life; problem-solving, proportional reasoning, using and analysing data and effectively making judgements based on the information they have. Students are also offered other opportunities that will provide them with a RICH curriculum. These include the UKMT Maths Challenges and the University of Southampton’s Cypher Challenge. We feel it is important that our curriculum is INCLUSIVE, it aims to empower all students to develop and apply problem solving skills focusing predominantly on the powerful and overarching mathematical components: proportional reasoning, geometrical reasoning and graphical representations. Mathematics has the power to open doors for all, we have a curriculum designed to raise the self-esteem of all students and provide them the opportunity to feel successful in Maths.