Why study MFL?

In order to broaden our horizons, explore exciting new cultures, and have better options for our future. To have another language is to possess a second soul. Charlemagne!

Learning another language is an EFFECTIVE way to improve communication and understanding. Languages help students understand the concept of grammar and to become aware of the differences between language systems. This promotes a wider understanding of other cultures and a greater ability to see the world through new eyes. Language learning is a BALANCE of different skills. Students learn through speaking, writing, reading and listening. Languages are SEQUENTIAL. Learning can be built upon as students gain greater insight into lexical items and can grasp new grammatical concepts. Thus topics which start as individual vocabulary items become phrases, phrases become sentences and students gain mastery over language manipulation as their understanding accumulates. The way we are CONNECTED to the world is very important. The vision students have of their place in the world and their ability to connect from those outside Lincolnshire is supported by their understanding of the concept of Languages. The curriculum at St George’s is ENRICHED by the languages offer. We are very proud to be able to offer three languages to A level as part of Sleaford Joint Sixth Form. The ability to offer this opportunity to our young people allows students to open doors and access a greater selection of career choices. Languages are available to all at St George’s as part of our INCLUSIVE offer. Furthermore, supporting EAL students and celebrating their ability is important to us. The emphasis we place on European Day of Languages shows that Language Learning is prioritised across the Academy. We have an EAL coordinator who works closely with staff and students to ensure EAL students are engaged, supported and able to access the curriculum. Student choice of which language they start in year 7 means students are more engaged in their language study and that we can gain support in the community as we liaise with parents. Language learning is PERSONALISED to take account of family wishes.