Why study Ethics, Philosophy & Religion?

In order to understand, question and deeply consider thoughts, beliefs and practices!

Our RE curriculum is designed to enable you to:

  • explore and learn to express your ideas and the ideas of others, about social, moral, personal, religious and/or philosophical issues
  • develop a knowledge and understanding of two different religions and of Ethics and Philosophy
  • understand different peoples’ beliefs, morals and ways of living.

It will also teach you to produce evidence and arguments to support and evaluate points of view.

The skills which are learned in Religious Studies are useful in almost all aspects of adult life. The ability to discuss issues and to support your view with suitable evidence is very important in a whole range of jobs from Police Officer to someone preparing a report about a new project for a manager of a business. Religious Studies also enables you to begin to understand people more effectively, by looking at how a religion affects people and why it is important to them.

  • PERSONALISED - Is tailored and relevant to the particular needs and interests of learners
  • INCLUSIVE - Is accessible to all learners
  • BALANCED - Ensures a broad fundamental base of knowledge, with a good balance of the theoretical, applied and creative for all
  • EFFECTIVE - Promotes depth of study and thought, along with mastery of the fundamentals
  • RICH - Provides clear opportunities for students to experience enrichment and foster a love of learning
  • COHERENT - Makes explicit the key concepts and key processes that underpin and connect learning within and across subjects
  • SEQUENTIAL - Makes explicit the way in which learning will be layered and will facilitate progress over time