Why study Physical Education?

In order to become highly successful and effective performers who understand the importance of healthy and active lifestyles!

'Inspiring participation; Promoting excellence'

Physical Education is at the heart of school life for students at St George’s Academy and aims to inspire participation and promote excellence. The PE curriculum is designed and tailored around the needs and interests of all students to ensure engagement in physical activity is excellent. Students enjoy PE and learn to lead healthy and active lifestyles. The PE curriculum develops confidence and physical literacy allowing students to specialise in areas of their choice. The status of sport across the school is high with a clear understanding of the importance of physical activity for cognitive function and academic achievement. Engagement in physical education at St George’s Academy encourages school attendance, provides intrinsic reward and develops a physical competence that would be lacking elsewhere. Physical Education proudly contributes to Academy intent, Academy values and implements whole school curriculum objectives.


  • Ensures that all children can participate efficiently, effectively and safely at a level appropriate for their needs
  • Develops competence and confidence to participate dependent on interests and talents of individual students
  • Gives opportunities to develop as a performer, a leader or an official
  • Recognises the need for differentiation and creativity to ensure a love of physical activity


  • Exposes students to a broad range of sports and a wide variety of physical activities
  • Responds to students’ interests and is both relatable and enjoyable
  • Enhances social development by promoting teamwork, communication, co-operation and competition
  • Develops Olympic values: Friendship · Courage · Inspiration · Determination · Equality · Respect · Excellence


  • Ensures a commitment to Elite Development in 6 target sports (Netball, Rugby, Boys and Girls’ Football, Gymnastics, Athletics and Boccia)
  • Encourages student ambition and ‘aiming high’ in the field of Sport.
  • Transfers learning in lessons to recreational extracurricular activities, house competitions and competitive Academy fixtures
  • Makes significant contribution to the promotion of fundamental British values and the development of essential life skills


  • Specifies the core knowledge and skills needed for success and builds upon these in all units of work
  • Ensures talent is recognised, fostered and encouraged to strive for excellence
  • Provides the opportunity to specialise in to examination subjects and Higher Education – GCSE PE, CNAT Sport Science, A level PE and CTEC Sport and Physical Activity

The characteristics of the curriculum ensure that Physical Education at St George’s Academy is highly EFFECTIVE at combatting obesity by ensuring students are regularly physically active for sustained periods of time. Physical Education contributes to student’s confidence, self-esteem and self-worth; reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression and builds a sense of fairness, justice and respect. Students leaving St George’s Academy are physically literate and have the knowledge, understanding, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport. Physical Education adds to the quality of students’ life and maximises employability.