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Key Stage 4 Options

Year 8 Options

Recently changes have been made to move to a three-year Key Stage 4, which means that students will undertake their options in Year 8. The reasons for this change of curriculum model are numerous and, we see the main advantages as follows:

  • All students will have time to more deeply understand the knowledge and develop skills in the subjects they are studying, rather than being under too much time pressure to coach for the exams.
  • Every student capable of achieving the English Baccalaureate (EBAC) will be on a pathway that enables them to do so, whilst retaining opportunities for creative, practical and vocational courses. This will help ‘future proof’ students’ CVs as the country moves towards nearly all students studying for the English Baccalaureate.
  • The most-able will be able to undertake Triple Science in their core curriculum time, which means that they will still have two options, in addition to the English Baccalaureate.
  • The least-able will be able to have an increased emphasis on literacy in place of one option.
  • All students will complete a vocational option by the end of Year 10 and this will:
    • Reduce the pressure and workload in Year 11, supporting mental health.
    • Create additional time for English and Maths.
    • Create capacity to personalise the curriculum through tailored support, study skills and mentoring.
    • Create an opportunity for some students to embark on an Extended Project Qualification.

This information booklet has been designed to help students, with their parents, to decide what would be the best programme of study for them at Key Stage 4. This is a crucial stage of a child’s education and so it is important that decisions made are fully informed. In addition, each subject runs a ‘Taster session’ to give a flavour of what studying the subject at Key Stage 4 will involve.
Each student has a personalised Options Form. All forms are given equal consideration when assigning to option blocks. Late forms will be given lower priority, which may be an issue if some courses become full. It is important, therefore, to ensure the form is handed to the student’s form tutor on the given dates.

Below are PDF versions of the Key Stage 4 Curriculum Booklets for both Ruskington and Sleaford.

Year 8 Sleaford KS4 Curriculum Booklet Year 8 Ruskington KS4 Curriculum Booklet