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Computer Science

In today’s world most things rely on computers!  Are you interested in knowing how computers work?  Have you ever wanted to make a computer game rather than just play one?  The new Computer Science GSCE will teach you the theory and practice behind the screen and keyboard.  The course provides excellent preparation for higher study and employment in the field of Computer Science

Course content

Computer Systems

  • Systems Architecture
  • Network topologies, protocols and layers
  • Memory
  • System security
  • Storage
  • System software
  • Wired and wireless networks
  • Ethical, legal, cultural and environmental concerns

Computational thinking, algorithms and programming

  • Algorithms
  • Computational logic
  • Programming techniques
  • Translators and facilities of languages
  • Producing robust programs
  • Data representation

Programming project

  • Programming techniques
  • Development
  • Analysis
  • Testing and evaluation and conclusions
  • Design



  • A Computer Systems written exam lasting 1 hour 30 minutes - 50% of the marks
  • A Computational thinking, algorithms and programing written exam lasting 1 hour 30 minutes - 50% of the marks
  • A programming project – aids the knowledge and understanding learnt in the theory elements of the course, there will be several of these and the possibility of entering national competitions!


Due to the necessary application of logic and mathematics within the context of this course, students will need to be predicted a GCSE Grade 5 or above in Mathematics.

For further information, contact Mr L Walters.