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  • to inspire a passion for Geography within learners which encourages an interest in the subject beyond academic achievements, for the rest of their life
  • to encourage learners to think like geographers through an enquiry-based approach to contemporary topics of study
  • to develop fieldwork & geographical skills which are transferable.

Course content:

Distinctive landscapes

Population and Settlement

Natural Hazards

Economic Development

Climate change

How is the UK changing?

Resource security issues



The course content will be delivered using a range of teaching & learning styles to engage the learner. The content of this demanding GCSE course will be broken down into manageable sections and re-visited using a range of multi-media based apps. The traditional skills required in the subject will be embedded into our teaching so that core geographical skills are developed.


The students will be assessed using three different exams;

A Human Geography exam – People & Society (including assessment of fieldwork skills) lasting 1 hour 15 minutes - 35% of the marks

A Physical Geography exam – Our Natural World (including assessment of fieldwork skills) lasting 1 hour 15 minutes - 35% of the marks

A Geographical Exploration exam (involving a decision making exercise) with assessment of fieldwork skills lasting 1 hour 30 minutes – 30% of the marks

For further information, contact Mr M Scott.