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Summer Exams 2022

A Level & Level 3 Results - Thursday 18th August - 8am to 10am
GCSE & Level 2 Results - Thursday 25th August - 9am to 11am

For further information please read the relevant year groups Exam booklets in the section Exam Information for Students below.


Sleaford Y11 Timetable Ruskington Y11 Timetable
6th Form Timetable 6th Form Resit Timetable

Exam Information for Students

Y11 Exam Booklet 6th Form Exam Booklet 6th Form English & Maths Resit Booklet

Advanced Information

GCSE Advanced Information A Level Advanced Information

A package of support has been put in place for students taking GCSE, AS and A level qualifications in summer 2022. It is intended to make sure that we are being as fair as possible to students given the disruption they have experienced, and many continue to face, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Part of the changes includes more generous grading this year to provide a safety net for students who may have been impacted by the pandemic.

Advance information might look different for different subjects because of how they are structured and assessed, but as far as possible the exam boards have made sure the approaches within a subject are the same.

These changes apply in England and to Ofqual regulated qualifications taken elsewhere.

Exam boards have published specific information about the changes for each qualification they offer, you should check their websites for more information:

For more information visit: Subject-by-subject support for GCSE, AS and A level students in 2022