Conduct Card Scheme

St George’s Academy use a Conduct Card Scheme, which is aimed at maintaining high basic standards. 

The scheme rewards students who always try to do the right thing and works like this: 

  • Each pupil is given a conduct card at the start of every term. This card is exactly the right size to fit in a blazer top pocket and must be carried at all times. 
  • On the back of the card is a list of basic standards, which must be adhered to at all times. Failure to abide by this requested conduct will result in a staff signature being placed on the conduct card. 
  • The card consists of ten spaces. When the card is full of signatures, it is returned to the Student Support Office where a 1 hour after school detention will be issued. 
  • A new card will then be issued marked “Card 2”, and the process starts again. 
  • At the end of a term, any free spaces on the card will be turned into house points, and those who have managed to keep a clean sheet will be given 20 house points as well as qualifying for entry to further Year Group rewards. 

NOTE: Any student who cannot produce a conduct card when asked will automatically incur an after school detention. 

This is a list of the Basic Standards as printed on the back of the conduct card:

  1. ​Uniform concerns
  2. Late to registration or lesson (3 signatures)
  3. Eating or drinking in the corridor/lesson
  4. Dropping litter
  5. Chewing gum/banned items
  6. Incorrect equipment
  7. Unacceptable language
  8. Immature behaviour outside of a lesson
  9. Out of designated area at lunchtime

Strive Card

This is a positive card to complement our Conduct Card and is signed when students go ‘above and beyond’ by a staff member.

  1. Aim High
  2. Tolerant and respectful behaviour
  3. Showing Initiative
  4. Displaying Resilience
  5. Acting as a Role Model
  6. Being helpful / kind
  7. Being an Academy Ambassador
  8. Showing Excellent Teamwork
  9. Positive community work
  10. Doing the right thing

Students post their completed cards in the House STRIVE box and collect another card.
These are logged by our 6th form house ambassadors and students are rewarded in house assemblies.