Notification & Student Absence

Notifying the School if your child is absent

If your child is taken ill or can't make it to school for whatever reason, you will need to contact the Academy to let us know. From September 2023, we will be closing our student absence telephone line and asking all parents\carers to report student absences by 8am through the MyChildAtSchool (MCAS) App. The reason for this, is allow parents and carers to provide absence information more securely and crucially allow the Academy to respond more quickly to any student who is absent without good reason.

When reporting an absence, please make sure you let us know your Child’s full name, their registration group and reason why they are absent.

If your child has a dentist/doctor’s or other appointment and has to leave school early please write and sign a short note in their planner for them to show to their teacher, and the Student Support Co-ordinator when signing out. All students must sign out with their Student Support Co-ordinator before leaving the campus in-case of a fire, so they can be identified as being off campus during an evacuation.

Requesting a Leave of Absence

It is illegal to authorise absence during term time for family holidays, any special considerations must go to the Principal.

The letter needs to be addressed to:

Mrs L King
St George's Academy
NG34 7PP