Sleaford Joint Sixth Form

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St George’s Academy is proud to be a major contributor to the Sleaford Joint Sixth Form, a collaboration between St George’s Academy and Robert Carre Trust, comprising Carre’s Grammar School and Kesteven and Sleaford High School.

Key Stage 5

It is rare that all the secondary schools in a town collaborate in this way for the common good and benefit of all learners in the town. We are rightly proud of the strong, harmonious and mutually respectful way of working that has been established through collaborative and principled leadership. Each school retains its distinctive features and those for St George’s Academy include an ambitiously diverse curriculum that is designed to facilitate personalisation for the individual learner. Students may access level 2  vocational courses, each underpinned by quality work experience and opportunities to increase grades in GCSE English and Maths, and extensive level 3 vocational and academic qualifications that may be studied in countless combinations. In addition, extensive enrichment opportunities and outstanding careers information advice and guidance result in destination success rates for leavers well in excess of local and national averages.