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Life Hacks - Looking after Yourself 

Activities to try for your Mental Health:

  • Part of our 70 Day Wellbeing Programme - Focus on Kindness. - Kindness with Zumos
  • A selection of Mental Health Foundation materials, including some great social media graphics to raise awareness and show support online. - The Mental Health Foundation
  • A fun site focusing on positive action and experience. All sorts here from virtual tours of the world’s greatest museums, to energetic challenges focusing on this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week topic - Kindness - Random Acts of Kindness
  • A whole host of activities for all ages, some fun games and conversation starters all centred around being kind. - Positive Psychology
  • Take Action Get Active
  • Some great games, posters and graphics to print and play. - Time to Change 


On Kooth you can...

  • Chat to our friendly counsellors
  • Read articles written by young people
  • Get support from the Kooth community
  • Write in a daily journal

As a digital service Kooth continues to operate its anonymous,
professional  1:1 text based counselling service and wellbeing support platform.

There are no criteria thresholds, young people just need to go to
create an account and get instant access to Kooth.

You then have access 24/7 to the platform hosting clinical content, forums and
peer support. If they wish to chat with a counsellor the clinical team are available
from 12-10 pm Monday to Friday and from 6-10 pm at the weekend. Young
people can join the chat queue or send a message to the team. 

You can watch a video here explaining the service.

Positive Wellbeing

Try and focus on the things you can control:

Good Sleep Routine
Get a good nights sleep!

Healthy Diet
5 portions of fruit & veg per day!

Regular Exercise
Get active and find a routine!

Keep a Mood Diary
Track how you feel, there are lots of free apps!

Communicate with Others
Stay in regular contact with family & friends!

Keep to a Routine
Stick to a timetable, to keep on top of school work!

Find Enjoyment in Little Things
Daily live cam recordings to put a smile on your face: Live Cams

Focus the mind, learn new ways to relax, improve your mood & sleep habits!


If you are worried about how you are feeling, it is important to reach out to those around.
There is also free and confidential support and advice available online:

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